Ausstellung „Paul Klee. Ich bin Maler“ im Zentrum Paul Klee:

Ausstellung „Paul Klee. Ich bin Maler“ im Zentrum Paul Klee:

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Museums & Galleries

Bern is home to some of Switzerland's leading museums and galleries. Use this list to get an overview for planning your visit to the city's many exhibitions.

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Zentrum Paul Klee

Built in 2005 by leading Italian architect Renzo Piano, the cultural institution displays the world's most important collection of works by artist Paul Klee.

Swiss Alpine Museum

The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are within easy reach of Bern. And the Swiss Alpine Museum (ALPS) brings the mountains one step closer. ALPS reopened in March 2012 following a complete renovation.

Cerny Inuit Collection

A renovated garage near Bern's main train station houses this extraordinary comprehensive collection of contemporary art from the high North.

Einstein House

Albert Einstein lived in Bern from 1903 to 1905 and developed his Theory of Relativity here. The Einstein House gives visitors a chance to see where the great physicist completely revolutionized our understanding of space and time.

Historisches Museum

The Bernisches Historisches Museum is one of Switzerland's most important cultural and historical museums and holds a general historical collection containing approximately 500,000 objects.

Creaviva Children’s Museum

The Creaviva Children’s Museum (Kindermuseum Creaviva) is a place of creative activity. Diverse exhibits and facilities offer inspiring excursions into the world of art and guide visitors to their own creations.

Prison Tower

The Prison Tower (Käfigturm) was Bern's second city gate. Today it is the seat of the Confederation's Political Forum, which regularly hosts exhibitions and events related to political issues.

Kornhausforum (Granary Forum)

The Kornhausforum presents a multifaceted exhibition and events program on topics such as design, architecture and photography.

Bern Art Gallery (Kunsthalle Bern)

Since it opened on 5 October 1918, Bern Art Gallery (Kunsthalle Bern) has presented a wide range of Bernese, national, and international artworks to the public.

Museum of Fine Arts

Switzerland's oldest art museum is home to one of the country's most distinguished collections that includes outstanding works spanning eight centuries.

Museum of Communication

The Museum of Communication is the only museum in Switzerland to be dedicated exclusively and interactively to the history of interhuman communication.

Natural History Museum

Its animal diorama display and exhibit of spectacular gigantic crystals qualify the Natural History Museum in Bern as one of Switzerland's most important nature museums.

Jegenstorf Castle

Schloss Jegenstorf

The Jegenstorf Castle is set in idyllic park complete with a pond and plane trees and is home to the Museum for Bernese Home Décor.

Weitere Kulturinstitutionen
Schweizer SchützenmuseumKirchenfeld, 3005
Botanischer GartenAltenberg, 3013
Heilsarmee MuseumLaupenstrasse 5, 3008
Galerie KogalKramgasse 53, 3000 Bern 
Galerie KornfeldLaupenstrasse 41, 3001
Oldtimer GalerieGürbestrasse 1, 3125
Auktionshaus Jürg StuckerAlter Aargauerstalden 30, 3006
Dobiaschofsky AuktionenMonbijoustrasse 28/30, 3001
Buchantiquariat HegnauerMünstergasse 28, 3011
Kunstreich AGGerechtigkeitsgasse 76, 3011
mes:artsWeier 109, 3068
Stiftung Psychiatrie-MuseumBolligenstrasse 111,3000 Bern

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